Pathfinder RPG Work

Second Edition:

Alchemical foods, artifacts, cursed and intelligent items, grimoires, relics, spellhearts, staves, portion of missives section, and wondrous consumables – Treasure Vault, Paizo

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-07: A Most Wondrous Exchange!, Paizo

Apocryphal domain spells, reflection versatile heritage, and sleepwalker archetype – Dark Archive, Paizo

Cadaverous rake, pale sovereign, and unrisen – Book of the Dead, Paizo

Pistol phenom and sniping duo archetypes – Guns & Gears, Paizo

Assorted spells (including the incarnate spells) – Secrets of Magic, Paizo

Caligni, maftet, and scalescribe – Bestiary 3, Paizo

Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-15: A Dirge for Sarkoris, Paizo

Rogue feats and mastermind racket – Advanced Player’s Guide, Paizo

First Edition:

“Blessings of the Congregation” article with feat – Pathways #87: Blessings, Rite Publishing

Twin Soul Spiritualist archetype – Pathways #85: Twins, Rite Publishing

Sceazir, monster in Pathfinder Adventure Path #141: Last Watch, Paizo

“Witness,” in What the Helms Hide, Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-16, Paizo

Orbis Aurea Paragon sections (mythic characters) – Aethera Field Guide I, Legendary Games

“NPC Class: Attendant,” NPC class with three example NPCs – Pathways #83: Servants, Rite Publishing

“The Con: Con Games for Fun and Profit,” article about running cons in Pathfinder games – Pathways 81: Thieving, Rite Publishing

“Bestial Magic,” sorcerer bloodline and beast-themed spells – Pathways #76: Beasts, Rite Publishing

“First World Anthems,” bardic masterpieces – Wayfinder #18

“Weal or Woe: Buyer Beware,” NPCs and plot hooks – Wayfinder #18

“Memoriam,” in Fallen Family, Broken Name, Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-16, Paizo

In the Company of Valkyries – Rite Publishing

“Heroic Organizations” and “Antiheroic Organizations” sections – Antihero’s Handbook, Paizo

“Grown of the Feasting Flower,” class archetypes, spells, and flavor – Legacy of the First World Player Companion, Paizo

The Mountebank, a hybrid class – Four Horsemen Present & Rogue Genius Games

“This Is How It Starts,” short story in the Pathfinder universe – Wayfinder #16

“Weal or Woe: Bronze Whispers,” NPCs and plot hooks – Wayfinder #16

“Technoscout,” class archetype – Wayfinder #16

Bedroom and Work Space sections, magical and alchemical items – Letters from the Flaming Crab: The Household Magic Catalog

“Everbloom Monastery,” Gazetteer article – Wayfinder #15

“Weal or Woe: A Matter of Honor,” NPCs and plot hooks – Wayfinder #15

Bestiary: Tsemaus – Wayfinder #15

“Dust to Dust,” an adventure for 4th level characters – Tales from the Laughing Dragon Inn, Wayward Rogues Publishing

“Maftets of the Desert Sands,” player character race and flavor – Wayfinder #14

“Teeth,” short story in the Pathfinder universe – Wayfinder #14

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