Have They Invented Automail Yet?

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April 18, 2016 by klspeedling

I haven’t been posting the past couple of weeks because my hands and wrists have decided to collapse on me.  After years of overuse, I might have finally given myself carpal tunnel or something.  Woohoo.

I’ve been trying to rest them up as much as possible when I’m not working, which is more difficult than you’d think when 90% of your hobbies involve your hands.  Even reading involves holding up a book.  (I’ve been watching a lot of Adventure Time and Leverage.)  If you know of a good place to get bio-engineered limbs, let me know.

This Week I’m

Reading Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling; Ultimate Intrigue, Iron Gods Adventure Path

Listening To she

Playing Not a whole lot, thanks to the aforementioned hand issues.

Today’s Miscellaneous Historical Fact Julie d’Aubigny, a 17th century French opera star/fencing master extraordinaire/awesome bisexual lady, once took holy orders and entered a convent for the sole purpose of continuing a relationship with a merchant’s daughter who’d caught her eye.  The two eventually set the convent on fire and escaped.  Like you do.

D’Aubigny’s entire life is basically a rip-roaring adventure tale.  Rejected Princesses, which has a great write-up of her, says “Her life was a whirlwind of duels, seduction, graverobbing, and convent-burning so intense that she had to be pardoned by the king of France TWICE.”  Badass of the Week also has a pretty rad summary of her life and times of swashbuckling glory.

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